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Long Term Care


Service Information

  • Health Care

  • Home Care

  • Support Groups

  • Healthy Living Information

  • Problem solving for seniors about services

  • Arranging for and referring of services

  • Support in accessing and filling out Government forms

LTC Mission Statment

Our seniors are a very important part of our lives and their well being is most important to the overall health of the community

Who is eligible?

We provide services to those with aboriginal ancestry living in Peterborough County who are:

  • Seniors
  • Physically Challenged
  • Chronically ill community members

We are committed to the quality of life of our people we will work closely with the doctors, service providers and agencies that can help us achieve our goals.This way our communities will balance, healthy and whole.


How do you join?

Phone our office at 705-652-8787 and ask for Rebecca OR email:

We will set up a time and fill out some forms and you are on your way.

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